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ACT! 2013
  • Can you find the status of a sale or project easily?

  • Can you access your database on a local machine and online over the Internet with no recurring monthly fees?

  • Are you missing opportunities because your critical customer information is scattered in spreadsheets or in individual computers?

  • Do you know who is most interested in your products or services?

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Do you want to see your department and business revenue increase, your business relationships strengthen, your business foundation expand? Then it will take organization, understanding your office associates' habits and needs, effortless communication histories, a central repository of your most vital data, knowing what is occurring in each phase with prospective and current contacts, what is scheduled to happen next, and the tools to make this happen.

At Wasatch Software Consulting, ACT! is our tool of choice for helping businesses succeed. We've been implementing ACT! in every kind of technical environment for years. Our installations are centered on the best ongoing implementation for your growing business. When it comes to our ACT! software consulting, we deliver high-impact solutions that will maximize your capabilities and ultimately improve your bottom line.

Each ACT! consultant at Wasatch Software Consulting can help you understand the vast possibilities that ACT! software can bring to your business.  ACT! puts critical customer information in one central location-and your staff will actually use it!

  From any computer on your network or over the Internet, you can look up every client/customer in your database and immediately see what took place last, what documents were sent and what is scheduled to happen next. No missed opportunities, no fumbling, no wasted time searching in the wrong places. You'll have accurate information and know which of your associates is involved. You'll see the contact history and next scheduled meetings and calls. You'll be able to assemble a quick list of your best clients and what is forecast for the next week, month or year.

ACT! by Sage has a 20+ year history and a reputation as the most popularly used contact management software application. Its ease of use and infinitely customizable interface provides a high adoption rate by end users. When end users use a contact management program, you get the daily data you need to make sound business decisions towards achieving your goals and ultimately increasing revenue.

There are other software products ---hosted, non-hosted, freeware, expensive-ware. Every application, every technical scenario has its pros and cons. You could spend countless hours researching the right application for your environment. At Wasatch Software Consulting we do that for you. We know the questions to ask. We know where ACT! makes an excellent fit. We take the time to walk through ACT! with you while considering your requirements and make assessments on the best way to implement ACT! There are so many possibilities with ACT!, even with all our experience, we always discover new ways to configure and utilize ACT! unique to each business concern. And we will tell you where ACT! might not make the best fit.

With Wasatch Software Consulting you have options with ACT!:

ACT! installed on your own server with real time access by your office workstations;

ACT! on your laptop for remote offline end users away from your network or an Internet connection;

ACT! as a web based version accessible from any computer, over the Internet, hosted on your own server--No recurring fees;

ACT! hosted on managed servers with a monthly subscription;

ACT! on your PDA synchronizing wirelessly.

Contact Wasatch Software Consulting to discuss your options with an ACT! implementation specific to your particular needs. Then watch your business grow!

We are located in Utah, with a consistent client base in Utah, Idaho, Las Vegas Nevada, and Montana. With online remote-in access we support companies across the country from coast to coast in all time zones.

Phone: Main Office: 435.783.4052; 435.901.8028;
Fax: 435.603.2044

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In a down economy, it’s tempting to “wait it out,” but have you considered the cost of doing nothing? New tools in ACT! by Sage 2013 help you focus on the most promising customers, saving you time and money spent sifting through leads.

If you have been using Goldmine or Sales Force we can provide the upgrade licenses to ACT! 2013 at no charge when you sign up for 2 years of Business Care. Contact us for the details of this extraordinary offer.

Are you a current ACT! user? Is it time to upgrade?  Here are areas of improvements to consider....

Considering a conversion from Goldmine?
We are the company to convert your Goldmine database to the current version of ACT! Call us and we will explain what to expect in a Goldmine conversion. Goldmine users find ACT! easier to use, but you will have questions and we have the answers.
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ACT! is the world's best selling contact relationship software where you can easily store and track your prospective and customer information in one place with concurrent access by your office associates whether in-house or as remote users.

ACT! is widely popular because it is easy to use yet can be customized to your business requirements and goals.


The most vital aspect of Wasatch Software Consulting's own client relationship inception is our interactive online Needs Analysis Discovery Session.

You tell us what you want and where you see deficiencies in your current office processes. In detail.

It is quick and easy. We walk you through how you can achieve those goals using ACT! as a foundation. You will see the latest version of ACT! with an ACT! Certified Consultant and really take a deep look at exactly what ACT! can do for you, your office associates and your business. Contact us at to get started now.


ACT! 2013


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